img_0080I’m Jennie Pennie and this blog originally started in March 2017.

I had 2 months of maternity leave left and decided to document the newborn member of our now five person strong tribe.

I suppose i wanted a way to really capture my random thoughts, musings and tilt on life as a Northside Dublin mother of 3.

I began to blog to my hearts content.  And i loved it. What started off as a two month experiment is now continuing forth as a writing blog about pretty much anything concerning life…

I’m constantly trying to find the rhythm of life as a Mam, a youth worker, a current wife of 1, sister of 9, friend of many, and ultimately live in this stupendous mess that is my life.

It isn’t perfect by any means.

But i’m learning as i go and realising that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be truly wonderful!

You win or you learn.

And I’m winging it every step of the way – care to join me?

Jennie Pennie x