Snow much fun!

20180302_114814With heavy heart, i bid a fond farewell.

I can only describe the last 5 days as some of the most magic times I’ve had in my life.

You were everything I hoped for, and so much more.


But you and I know, all good things must come to an end.  


S’now,  with the greatest of respect I say…. Please truck off from whence you came. The east somewhere, apparently.


At the start… I rocked at the window willing you on. I urged you with all the force of a maniacal baddie from The Mummy. I sat by hot radiators, hat on head, scanning the clouds. I know nothing about clouds but, if Evelyn Cusak says there’s a storm a brewing – who am I to discount her?


Our local Franciscan Brother called into work on Tuesday – i asked him to pray for snow. He reluctantly told me he would. Apparently, the only other people asking him to pray for you were children. I told him, i was asking for a friend.


I was sure you’d come my way – i had it from a man, who prayed religiously to a man, who had a direct link with the heavens. I knew then, he’d plans on opening them up! Whoop whoop!


By the time you came, i may have given myself an excitement headache in anticipation.


The kids welcomed you like an exclusive furby on a Christmas morning.


You had the goodwill to close the school and work too – thanks for that!


We ate and drank and were very, very merry.


We had snowball fights.


We laughed at memes and gifs. “Red alert, red alert”. Classic.


We ate and drank.


We built snowpeople. Not just men. Cause that’s snow we roll!



We played charades. Guess the movie, guess the song, guess the tv programme, guess the book,  guess the job, guess the…. inanimate object. We were running out of things to mine!


We ate.


We coloured in.


We watched Netflix. Box sets.


We napped.


We ate.


And it was still only 11am on Wednesday morning. WTF?


You also manipulated the time, it seems. I started to panic a bit then.


How will we fill the time?

How long will the bread last?

How early is too early for wine o’ clock?


But, your sheath of white beauty put me at ease. No-one, it seemed, had anywhere to go – and the pace slowed, the snow fell, and the stillness was deafeningly delightful.


No rushing.

No honking horns.

No making uneaten lunches.


When does life throw you a life break?

Consider this.

The only other unplanned, spontaneous life breaks I’ve had, have involved people passing away.


And that’s just very different. It’s bleak, and black, and blue.


But you, you sexy beast.

You brought people together. Families playing together. Communities of people helping each other; clearing paths, buying groceries.


Rose tinted glasses, you might say.



I leaned hard into the flurries, the snowballs to the head, and the 4pm wine top up – ‘cause you know what?

They were 3 extra annual leave days I never asked for, but sure am thankful for.

A five day weekend I never foreseen, but gladly took.


Countless moments, filled with colour.


At 4pm yesterday, the rain was washing parts of you away. You’re stubborn, that’s for sure. You’re fading away to slush, and what looks like diseased snow – tyres, fumes and thoroughfares are causing havoc to your beauty.

And to be honest, you’re causing chaos.


Kinda overstaying your welcome.


Meanwhile… indoors, Millie was riling Ziggy. In the way older sisters do – by mimicking. She really has a gift.


Infuriated, Ziggy kicks Babybear in the head as a reflex.


Unwarranted. Babybear was merely  singing along with the muffin man.


Yes, i also know the muffin man – I’d gotten to meet him at least 53 times in the previous  2 hours alone.


Cabin fever.


I knocked off the tv.


Outside we go.


So…. Like the changeable Irish weather.

My love for you is fickle.

You were most welcome.

We had a (snow) ball.


Now, back the truck up and feck off!




  1. Awe Jenny, that was lovely , it totally made me relive those amazing snow days, which now seem so far away and it was only last week !! wouldn’t it be so lovely if we knew it would happen once a year .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rach… we had a super time, didn’t we? Wine and gin o’ clock in your house again, next snow day! Yep. Totally agree – I could live with a yearly #beastfromytheeast life break ⭐☃❄💛


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