Summer Lovin’

*A backdated blog post from May this year.

The sun came out today. It didn’t just peek. It was game on, baking hot, full frontal exposure.

Cue very happy Dubliners.
Especially the tops off, t-shirt hanging in back pocket variety.

I am not one of those.
Well, for one I’m female and Irish. Ok, that’s 2 things – but i am currently conditioned for a post apocalyptic snow storm; so i tend to wrap up, keep warm and stay indoors.

I have no faith in the weather. Today i dressed like a schizophrenic toddler – with all of the seasons clothes, all layered on top. I even went to the effort of loading extra garments into a bag, just in case. You can never be too sunsmart or rain aware!

I have, after all, spent 39 Summers in this fair isle – so i like to think my beachwear reflects the multi faceted Summer weather i’ve come to know. Sandals and a raincoat about sum it up.

How my Summer’s were spent to date;
1980’s – seemingly endless summertopia
1990’s – seemingly endless summerbliss
2000’s – seemingly the end of summer. Endless talk of Summers of old.

Truth be told, I might even love the 4 seasons in one day vibe. I just don’t have to commit to one look, one feeling, one season. It’s exciting really when you think of it.

But today.
The sun didn’t play hide and seek.
It stayed like a welcome friend who decided to stay an extra night.
A bit of an inconvenience.

I just can’t handle the heat.

Wearing black doesn’t help, i know, but where are the shaded areas for us non sun worshippers?

On the beach – i could pick out a few shady people; but not one cool, shady zone for my milky skin.

I will admit, i may have briefly considered using the children and the buggy to protect me from the glare.

Anyway, children are no use – they just won’t stand still.

Minimalist buggies are useless.
Do you know what I needed? A good aul Silver Cross pram. My Mam used to carry at least 4 children in the bassinet, 2 on the handles and one lucky sibling underneath, snuggled in the basement between the groceries from Crazy Prices. All of us blessed by the miraculous medal that swung like a pendulum from the hood of the pram.

Alas. Bugaboo. You wonderfully light and architecturally styled pram. In the vibrant shade of yellow, my second favourite colour no less. Pushing my sleeping 39 week old away from me, in you, normally brightens my day.

But not today.
Today i saw your minimalism as a hindrance, and in case i ever forget to mention – your brightly coloured hood attracts actual wasps and bees. Down with that sort of thing.

There was only one thing for it. A dip in the sea from the ankle down was all i needed. Initially, my exposed toes almost curled in on themselves like the witch in the Wizard of Oz.

But, it didn’t take long to go with the beauty of the moment.

Imagine Ireland, with sun, full time.
Well, even in the summer like it promises.
We could all get used to this, no?

On leaving the beach Ziggy began pouring sand from his shorts pocket through his fingers. He asked me what i had in mine. “I’ve got sunshine in my pockets Ziggy”, i replied.

I’m hoping to hold onto it for the rest of the week.

I’m ready to share it too… hold out your hand….

Happy Wednesday,

Have a super week 💖

Jennie x


  1. Delighted you are back Jennie Pennie. Gas post! I’m about to pass out on a rainy yet very close October day, wearing a faux stole on a very busy and hot bus. Irish weather….*shakes fist in the air

    Liked by 1 person

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